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To join Mask off is to come into the Spirit of Fathering.

All members are expected to help one another in some way or another, make their move…


This club was establish for all of its members to experience the joy of both leading and

following as we all learn to help one another.  We are constantly developing new ways

for our members to discover this principle.

Our website is our vehicle through which we facilitate the exchange of information as club

members help each other in the making of their move by submitting stories, and bits of

helpful information, and advice on specific projects.  Use Touching the Generations menu

to access methods of fathering another…

Friends of Mask Off have the opportunity to share their success with another in many different ways.


Mask off Members are encouraged to become part of a home cell group called Night of the round

table In these groups we engage in group discussions and mentoring as we discuss subjects from

our manual; The Book of Fathers. This is where our training begin as we learn principles

as to how to become successful men.


All levels of members are encouraged to engage in our Father Son events for the purpose

of learning skills.

All of members enjoy the community support of Merchants out of our merchants club as they

provide benefits to our members.


Mask Off is steadily evolving as we strive to understand and engage in the Spirit Of Fathering.



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