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In times past, Hollywood would wait for sons and daughters in the industry to seek them out.

Although this method brought a certain amount of success, we wonder how many fell through

the cracks. Still this was the standard until 1983.


Beginning with the show Star Search, and continuing until now, Hollywood began to reach back

to search for new upcoming artist. They created a reality show based on the process of choosing

and judging. In Great Britain, reality show, Pop Idol was created by Simon Fuller in 2001, which

spawned so many others across the world. For the United States that show became American Idol,

beginning where Star Search left off, creating our program for new talent to enter the music industry.


Today these shows are progressing toward the state of mentoring more than just judging. 

Hollywood is beginning to see the value of motivating successful artists to reach back and father

those who are upcoming artist, perfecting the Spirit of Fathering, producing new stars and at the

same time strengthening the industry.


This move has brought new life and stability to their industry producing millions of dollars as the public

looks in on the process. At the same time giving hope to those in our society who have the potential to

make their move in music. Because the hearts of the Fathers turned back to the children; the hearts of

the children turned back to the fathers. Many are flooding to these auditions by the thousands with hopes

of moving forward. They prepare themselves with great expectations because they can clearly see now

a door opened to them.


Mask off gives our salute to the Spirit of Fathering that is returning to the music industry.

Once again we see that we all prosper when we become our brother's keeper.

Reaching back and helping another causes them to secure their progress and continual success

in the future.



We encourage them to continue perfecting their fathering skills producing those who have the

gift to lift our souls through music.

What we do?

01 Turn the hearts of the fathers back to the children.

02 Turn the hearts of the children back to the fathers.

03 Breaking the curse on our land by reestablishing the blessing of generational transference.

Shows engaging in the Spirit of Fathering

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Which show best exemplifies the Spirit of Fathering, helping upcoming artist to make it?

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The voice - 100%
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