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We believe that we as a society become stronger and more successful, when we work together as a team.

The Spirit of Fathering is the under-girding of a strong society. It is not a male thing, only engaged in by males;

It is a principle that exists within the human race in which we all can participate.



Becoming a father...


When we move in the Spirit of Reaching Back like a father

to another, helping them as they make their move;

We will strengthen our society, leaving a legacy by becoming a foundation to the success of their future.


Becoming a Son...


When we learn how to honor others by humbling ourselves and receiving help from them as forerunners;

Like a son, we spring forward, move faster, become stronger, and as a result,

become even more successful as we build upon the

foundation of another.


This is the Spirit of Fathering and is the purpose of Mask Off.  We motivate all to take their mask off and become strength and light to another.



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Are you still moving?






Are you being successful?

If not why? Do you feel like

you are disabled in some way?

Come in and learn how to 

move successfully..


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Merchants Club



Touch someone in the Spirit

of Fathering as a Merchant.

Join us by becoming a

member of our

Merchants Club...

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 Do you want to be a part of an 

organization were iorn sharpens


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