Turning the hearts of fathers to the children

Motivating all who are successful to experience the joy of fulfilling

their calling in reaching back to touch the next generation…



Turning the hearts of the children back unto the fathers

 Motivating all who are growing and expanding to experience the Joy of

honoring their forefathers and succeeding by standing on the shoulders of another…


Restoring the strength of a nation that is built from the success and wisdom of Generational Love and Respect.


We believe that all are both  fathers & sons, mothers & daughters, leaders & followers, teachers & students.

This club was established for all of its members to experience the joy of both leading and following as we all

learn to help one another.  We are constantly developing new ways for our members to discover this principle.


Mask Off

We motivate all as leaders to engage in the principle of leaving a legacy. This is done through our club as

we are purposed to touch the generations to come with the history of those that have gone before them.


My Move

We encourage all to maintain the spirit of a student and become a disciple of those that have succeeded in

their interest. In doing so fresh minds can build upon the mistakes and successes of those that preceded them.


In this way we as a society can speed up in our advancements as we restore the links with the generations of times past.

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This is what we do

We came together as a community to become stronger in our pursuit. That pursuit is to maintain the Spirit of Family in our world.

Because of the authority we have as mankind to bring life to this earth and take it out, we must maintain the highest level of

respect for that life. Mankind, with this authority, has brought itself to the brink of destruction many times in history.


But our ability to love stopped it every time. "Evil prevails because good people do nothing".

Our forefathers did not let us down and therefore we exist. It's our turn.

Phase one

In Mask Off, we posses and purpose to maintain the Joy and fulfillment of reaching back to those following us.

Phase two

We also posses and maintain the joy and fulfillment of honoring and respecting those who preceded us,

who laid the foundation for our advancement. We believe that every generation can go twice as far

when they through respect, stand on the shoulders of their elders.


We mentor and sponsor the advancement of this relationship for the benefit of all.



There are many levels of involvement in Mask Off 


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