Began to lift up and honor...

  • Let's rediscover history so that we can keep the bad things that hurt our people in our past.
  • Let's began to respect and honor those who would reach back.
  • Let's sit at their feet and hear of their stories that could save or lengthen our lives.
  • Let's secure the next generation by making ours a true step.

Must do...

   As human we only have so little of life to live. If we learn how to honor our parents we will live a greater and longer life.

So quit being ashamed of your parents; they like you are only human. 

Realize that we are all in a relay race and you are purposed to go further and finish what they have started. You carry their honor, never their shame on your shoulders. Your purpose is to cover their shame with your success. Their mistakes showed you how to succeed and therefore they finish and overcome through you.

     Only human


This is our plight as humans not being perfect. Therefore we all can be ashamed.

Let's choose to honor and respect and be overcomers and finishers.

Therefore stop shame in its tracks...

     Let no one make you ashamed of your parents...

If someone comes to you with the mistakes of another with the purpose of looking down on them with shame, carry a mirror with you to show them themselves. Help them to see that they too have weakness that another will have to finish.


People give shame because they carry shame. Let's put down our shame and began to learn from each other, knowing that the time we lost in a mistakes could save another from losing that time if they learn from our witness.

Stand up and be all that you can be for your parents in their name.

      You carry their name not their shame... 

Get rid of shame for your family's sake. You are the only one that can truly be their honor. Don't fall into the trap of letting their imperfections only being a source of pain for you; it is purposed to be your light.

Remember; if you carry shame then you will be shamed, for you too are not perfect. Let the one without mistakes cast the first stone.

Is that you?

"Carry their honor as being your forerunners and finish what they didn't and be their completion."

       This is your destiny...

Learn how to entreat a father to learn of his story...

The reason people will not tell of their story is because they are afraid of being ashamed. Their story could save your life. Began to honor your elders so that they will open up to you. Who will show you what they really did when they feel shame coming from you. If you want to live a longer life, begin now learning honoring skills so that others will become transparent and give you information that could save your life. Never let another's life be wasted. Let their story father or undergird many. If you entreat them with honor, this can happen.

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