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If we learn to honor our parents we would look closely at what caused them to stumble.

Then we can press with all that we have to succeed where they failed.

This is the power of history and the proper use of it.

As we live this life, we will discover that it is virtually impossible to find all of the hidden

land mind in it. We need an outside source to help us discover them; someone who

stepped on one. Our parents are the best discoverer for us.


Why we honor as a people?

Remember; it only takes one land mine to kill you. Thank God that we had someone to tell us not to drink the chemicals under the sink

or pour gasoline on the fire to put it out. As children we could have done any of these things and we are still children today; regardless of our age.

Thank God for the placement of parents. Let's began the process of becoming stronger by proper honoring and observation of their examples.

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