Avoid Shame...



Because shame was introduced and accepted into our society,

we are tempted as children, to turn away from honor to rebellion.

We are taught to be ashamed of our parent’s failures rather than

being thankful for their examples. This is the fruit of shame.


Shame causes us to see them with disdain. We turn our backs

on them not knowing that we have just set the standard for the judgment

of ourselves. When we learn to honor, we bring peace to ourselves and

our future as we understand how to achieve our own honor. Perfection would then become a goal and not a burden.


Land mine detectors...


The truth is; our parents are land mine detectors.

When our parents make a mistake or exhibit a weakness, they in reality exploded a land mine that we ourselves

could have just as easily step on. We are no better than they are. We have their examples to study closely in order

not to make the same mistakes. We have the same make up and could have easily made the same mistakes

if we didn't have their examples to teach us how and what not to do. Therefore in their shame they became

our hero in helping us not to make that same mistake.

"Therefore it behooves us to cover their shame with our honor."

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