What is the Spirit of Fathering?


We believe that all are at all times; Father & Son or Mother & Daughter, Teacher & Student, Leader & Follower.

We are all born into this world as babies needing help. Yet as we gain help, we grow and become the helpers

of others following us. This is a fundamental truth that some call the circle of life.



Because of this fact of connection and mutual need, we encourage all to recognize

and experience the joy of operating in this truth, both receiving and giving through love.


The success of this circle has caused us as mankind to excel and has built great societies and governments.

 Yet we have also seen selfishness and rebellion break the links which causes us to fall backwards, slowing

 down our progress, bringing down our societies and governments causing a curse on our land.


 Mask Off is a beacon or lighthouse to help us remember and never forget the Spirit of family that made us strong.



Restoring the strength that comes from

one generation building off of the wisdom

and experiences of another...



Are you still moving?



Are you being successful?

If not why? Do you feel like

you are disabled in some way?

Come in and learn how to 

move successfully...


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What we do?

01 Turn the hearts of the fathers back to the children.

02 Turn the hearts of the children back to the fathers.

03 Breaking the curse on our land by reestablishing the blessing of generational transference.




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