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We are an organization built on mentoring the Spirit of Fathering. The spirit of fathering is the principle of one generation reaching back and under girding the next completing the circle of life.


We mentor the importance of generational transference. Fathers and sons or mothers and daughters represent the relationship of like kind and the dynamics of them working as a team. It is composed of those who have gone ahead and those who are following.        


We believe that our society becomes stronger, moves faster, and excel in excellence when we have a proper relationship between them. This is accomplished by those who are successful reaching back  to those who are following.  At the same time, those who are following must have the ability, through honor and respect, to receive and use that help properly. When a new generation has access to the information of a previous generation they are blessed with the capabilities of living a longer successful life by sure fact that they do not have to repeat the mistakes of their ancestors.


We created a club of people who would engage in this process. In our club, we motivate successful artist to help upcoming artiest, successful businessmen to help new entrepreneurs, companies to create programs for new proteges, yes and fathers to be good dads and mothers to be great moms and children to be a joy to their elders. We propose to be ambassadors between the generations to maintain great relationships. We are a lighthouse for the maintaining and maintenance of the spirit of family in our society.  

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